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My Kits:

Acoustic 4 piece DW kit (no longer owned):


Acoustic 4 piece Gretsch kit (gigging kit):


Taye Go Kit 4 piece:


"DIY" electronic conversion from a Gretch Catalina Birch acoustic kit:


Current setup with edrums, Gretch re-wrap and Zildjian Gen-16 cymbals.


My Favorite Drummers:

Neil Peart :: Rush
Stewart Copeland :: The Police
Jimmy Chamberlin :: Smashing Pumpkins
John Bonham :: Led Zeppelin
Ringo Starr :: The Beatles
Stan Lynch :: Tom Petty
Bun E. Carlos :: Cheap Trick
David Lovering :: The Pixies
Martin Chambers :: The Pretenders

Drumming Links:

Vdrums.com (electric drums)
DW drums