Friends' Pages

Shawn Pridham

The Home of Cut and Paste for Dummies. Currently on tour with 80's cheese favorite GrooveWorks. Can you grok it?

Shawn Lambert

I used to be in a band with Shawn and he does professional web page design. HTML, Javascript, and excellent artwork and multimedia. Reasonable rates too! Check out his online Javascript rate calculator for comparing with other Web design companies.

Matt Jean (Merry)

Author of SplitPea and RainPea for Asheron's Call. Cool utilities that are used with the game. Above is the main SplitPea download site at cc.xrgaming.

Mike Barry

I was in the Army w/ Mike and he'll tell you that I was a good skater. He's learning HTML and has put up some pages on the Civil War.

Oooh Scheeeena...