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About the GP2X:

The GP2X is a new handheld game machine that runs Linux. It is an excellent platform for homebrew and emulation since it is completely open and has enough horsepower to handle even some of the most processor intensive emulators. SDL, pygame, and allegro are all supported. It uses std AA batteries (to me a good thing), plays standard media files with no need to convert to a proprietary format ala the PSP, and uses standard SD cards for storage.

Click the link for a lot more information about this great device.

My GP2X projects:

I really enjoy playing games on the gp2x but also do some coding on it. Here are the projects I'm working on.


This is my port of the excellent MESS emulator (more specifically the xmess code base) to the gp2x handheld.

Supported systems/consoles:

  • Atari 7800
  • Colecovision
  • Coleco Adam Home Computer
  • Texas Instruments 99/4A Home Computer
  • Tandy Color Computer
  • Apple ][, ][e, //c
  • Odyssey 2
  • Emerson Arcadia 2001

The latest version (0.14) is available here and is based on xmess 0.102:


The corresponding source archive (must be unpacked over the std xmess src). There is also a patch included which must be applied to the xmess base code before overlaying the gp2x sources.


The corresponding CHANGELOG and README are also available (and also included in the above archive):



Drop me a line, I'd like to hear your feedback about my work! Also, I have other (non-gp2x related) freeware programs available here.