Good Songs



These are songs I can't get out of my head during the day, or keep thinking about, or humming for good or for bad. I find that my alarm clock is good at finding the bad ones. I'll try to just put the good stuff up here.

Click on the song title to go to the video for the song to hear it.

09/04/20 Over the Shoulder :: Ministry     

Another 5 years, another tune... man I'm slow.

Ministry (Al Jourgensen) gets a lot of flak for his early stuff but I unabashedly love "With Sympathy" as well as the next few albums which get progressively more industrial with each one. As he got more political and super heavy I started to lose interest after Psalm 69. Best comment on the video - "Fake accent Al is the supreme guilty pleasure".

03/08/15 :: I Wuz Nuthin :: Ween     

I listened to Ween a lot in the mid 90s and completely forgot about them. Been listening to them a lot lately. I still like their earlier, sludgy 4 track stuff much better, but some of their newer stuff isn't bad.

03/08/15 :: What is Love? :: Howard Jones     

Just about 5 years to the day since the last entry! Going to see him in a couple of weeks so listening to a lot of his albums. Along with "Like to Get to Know you Well", this song is one of my favorites.

03/07/10 :: Sunset Grill :: Don Henley     

Don Henley both with and without the Eagles is hit or miss for me. For a period in the time in the 80s, he put out some decent new wave-ish tunes. Building the Perfect Beast is an excellent all around album and this song is my favorite from that.

07/03/09 :: Suedehead :: Morrissey     

This entire album (Bona Drag) is excellent, but this song, "The Last of the International Playboys", and "Hairdresser on Fire" are my favorites. Bonus points for picking out the not too subtle Smith's song reference in the above video.

03/28/09 :: Change :: The Lightning Seeds     

I first heard this song on the Clueless soundtrack. OK movie I guess and a great soundtrack except for the Bosstones' recut of Where'd You Go. It's also on their album Jollification.

11/02/07 :: Say You're Wrong :: Julian Lennon     

Ever had a song you had COMPLETELY forgotton about come back to you for no apparent reason? This happened the other day with this song. From Julian Lennon's debut album Valotte released in 1984.

05/27/06 :: Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) :: The Pet Shop Boys     

From their first album Please. I'm a total sap for 80s synth-pop.

02/23/06 :: Fascination Street :: The Cure     

From the album Disintegration. Lots of reverb and synths give the entire album a very lush, dark, and moody feel.

12/27/05 :: You're Not the Only One I Know :: The Sundays     

From the album Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. The entire album is excellent. This song is my one of my favorites. I really enjoy the stripped down, unproduced sound they had on this album.

07/28/05 :: Don't Run Wild :: The Del Fuegos     

The Del Fuegos were a somewhat popular Boston band. Voted "Best New Band" in 1984 by Rolling Stone. They broke up in 1991. They had a really great sound. I have no idea where they are today.

01/23/05 :: Get the Balance Right :: Depeche Mode     

I'm a total sucker for 80s synth and drum machines. Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Berlin, Yaz, Erasure, etc. This track is from 1983 and I believe it is a B-side. I have the song from the "People are People" compilation album.

08/04/03 :: Don't Talk :: 10,000 Maniacs     

This album reminds me of fall, dunno why. I just love the guitar work at the end of this song.

06/13/03 :: Deeper and Deeper :: The Fixx     

I think this song was on the soundtrack for "Streets of Fire". Due to lack of space this is not the extended version.

12/03/02 :: Surrender :: U2     

War, what a great album. This is one of my favorite songs from it. I miss that 'old' U2 sound. Brings back memories of watching their New Year's Day video on MTV once every half hour.

04/11/02 :: Why Does the Sun Shine :: They Might Be Giants     

This morning I woke up to TMBG playing acoustic and couldn't stop humming "Istanbul" for the rest of the day. They have a new kids album out and won a grammy for their theme to "Malcolm in the Middle". This song is one of my favorites. It's on "Severe Tire Damage", peppy and a science lesson too.   :) (the original version is on a previous album I think, it's a LOT slower)

11/24/01 :: Heartbreak Beat :: Psychedelic Furs     

So much for song of the week. Just saw them too a few nights ago, Richard Butler and the original band were excellent! The studio drummer they hired didn't fit in.    :(    They haven't been together for over 10 years. Echo and the Bunnymen opened.

07/08/01 :: Bring on the Dancing Horses :: Echo and the Bunnymen     

Just saw them a few nights ago, great show.