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Since I first saw Dave Spicer's arcade emulator, Sparcade ('95/'96), which played Galaxian and Pac-Man, I had wanted to build a cabinet to play these games the way they were meant to be. Sitting at your desk or on the floor just isn't the same as being at a real stand up machine with a real arcade joystick or trackball. Here's a posting I made to Usenet in '97 asking some newbie questions. I'd wait much longer to start though...

Finally, in late 2001, I had enough free time to build my own. And what a project it has been. It took a little over 3 months to get the entire cabinet finished and it's now mostly done. I did the work on 3 fronts: in the living room, our 3 season porch, and in the basement so I was quite popular. All work on the new house stopped in favor of my new obsession. It was at times frustrating but the finished product is *WELL* worth the time and effort. It's now pretty much done except for the occasional update which I log here.

I'd like to thank a few people for pitching in. The games are set to "free play" when they're here!    :)
Karey (lots of patience and hands), Darren C, Shawn P, Tim L, and Home Depot for being open until 11pm. I'd also like to acknowledge all of the others who have built a cabinet and put up a web page with details of how they did it . My cabinet is combination of some of the cool ideas in other cabinets with a few of my own. I wouldn't have had a chance without their great examples. Thanks also to all of the emulator developers. What these people do is pure programming magic. Also visit Arcade Controls for lots of info on the subject.