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Nothing too exciting here. Gateway i5 system. ATI video card.


This is a list of the software I'm using in the cabinet:

  • Windows 7 x64 supports a lot of the video modes I want with GroovyMame, and also can support the old ACT Labs light gun.
  • M.A.M.E. is the arcade emulator that allows all of this retro magic, it emulates thousands of different video games, from the earliest in the late 70s to the games made not that long ago. An amazing feat of programming. GroovyMame is set of patches for MAME specifically for arcade monitors. The difference is stunning. All games run at their native resolutions, etc.
  • AdvanceMenu Not very fancy, but very functional frontend.
  • Daphne For playing Dragon's Lair and Space Ace laserdisc games.
  • Vim for editing text and config files.